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How Does This Affect Education Today?

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Today the United States society is made up of a knowledge economy. 

(10) The term “knowledge-based economy” results from a fuller recognition of the role of knowledge and technology in economic growth. Knowledge, as embodied in human beings (as “human capital”) and in technology, has always been central to economic development. But only over the last few years has its relative importance been recognized, just as that importance is growing.


Education is known as one of the most important sectors for supporting our knowledge-based economy. Since 1991 (10) the United States produces more wealth through service based industries than industrial production. This displays the shift from an industrial economy to our knowledge-based economy.


The main issue with this shift is that schools haven’t caught up since then there has been such little reconstruction to these century old principles. For example, schools are still operating on a September through June basis, which was originally put in place so children could go home to work on the farm during the agricultural era. Also schools are still being operated as they were during the Industrial Revolution, teaching kids how to go through the motions of completing a task rather than using critical thinking skills.

(26) Mike Keefe: Public School Education

Part of  the lack of innovation to this system is due to federal and state politics. Many government officials consider themselves experts on America’s school systems due to their “credentials”, which usually just include the fact that they attended school in the United States.

(8) Educator Ken Robinson discusses this twenty first century issue in the following Ted Talk. Robinson points out that this unchanged school system causes students to be taught not to use critical thinking or creativity and why this is detrimental.

Ken Robinson – TedTalk Stage (9) – Click on picture to watch  Ted Talk