John Dewey

John Dewey

“Most Renowned & Influential American Philosopher of Education”

John Dewey at the University of Chicago in 1902. Source: Wikimedia Commons. (28)


John Dewey was born in Burlington Vermont (1859) and graduated from the University of Vermont. He taught high school for two years in Pennsylvania before returning to Burlington where he continued to teach in his hometown. Dewey then attended grad school at John Hopkins University to study psychology and philosophy.


“But going to college is not the same thing as getting an education, although the two are often confused”

-Dewey Between Pragmatism & Constructivism (28)


Dewey’s Philosophies: 

  • The best way for students to learn is through hands-on activities AKA Learn-By-Doing

  • Freedom could be integrated into the classroom in a productive manner

  • Educational content needed to be presented to children in a way that they could connect old information with new information


Dewey’s philosophies are still being integrated into classrooms here in the twenty-first century (29)