Jane Addams

Jane Addams

“Mother of Social Work”

Jane Addams (27) – No Date Recorded


(31) After visiting Toynbee Hall in England, Jane Addams founded her own settlement¬†house called “Hull House” in Chicago. Prior to becoming a settlement house, Hull House was an abandoned mansion. Once Janne Addams took over, Hull House provided nursery and day care for infants, kindergarten for young children, lessons of cooking and housework such as sewing for girls and a clubhouse for boys in effort to reduce the threat of tenement gangs. Addams helped to educate adults on current events, the arts (theater and music) and even invited speakers to the house – one of which was John Dewey.

Hull House 1910

Other than just the less fortunate, Hull House homed new immigrants while they worked to become more culturally competent in the U.S. and gather the tools they needed before they went on their own in the new country. At Hull House these immigrants had a place to sleep, have a meal and learn from the community around them.


Settlement House – A type of shelter where social activists gave of their time to help the poor in their area.