The Common School Movement used tax money to run public schools for white children of all gender and social status. Economic Ideologies based off of Mann’s Common School Movement: Horace Mann b... Read More


Keeping a Political Balance: One goal of the Common School Movement was to keep a balance in politics between Democrats and Republicans. However, there was some controversy that the public school sys... Read More


Social Concerns:  The 1920s was all about a time of social rebellion. An icon of this time period for women were flappers, however, society wanted teachers to be a conservative role model for student... Read More


Elementary & Secondary Education Act of 1965 The ESEA addresses social needs and the war on poverty brought on by President Lyndon Johnson. The goal of the ESEA was to redistribute funding to sch... Read More


Sputnik During the Cold War Russia launched it’s first successful artificial satellite, known as Sputnik. This launch during the Cold War created a sense of panic for the United States and was t... Read More

World Wars

1917-1945 (Between World Wars) During the years between the first and second World Wars high schools became more prevalent. The war impacted schools because the government wanted them designed to meet... Read More